Pain problems are of high importance for the medical practice. Recent trend is that all dental operations and interventions to be made painless.
Anesthesia in the oral and maxillo-facial surgery is a main method of various remedy ambulatory and operative activity. A lot of the operative interventions require general anesthesia, because they are extremely severe, continuous and risky due to the fact that the maxillo-facial has plenty of nerves and is highly blood supplied, shock-producing and the operative work is made next to big blood vessels and nerves.
In common practice both local and general anesthesia is used: premedication, local anesthesia with contact/application/ analgesia, anesthesia by use of devices /electric laser acupuncture etc./.
Local anesthesia is very important application for the cases of caries, pulpits, periodontists, sawing of teeth with vital pulp. In order to avoid any complications the infiltration and conductive anesthesia have to be applied very carefully and any signs of oversensitivity, intolerance and allergy have to be reported in advance. General anesthesia is made by a doctor anesthetist as using the respective equipment.
How the pain could be avoided?
VibraJect removes the pain caused by the shot of the syringe needle as it is based on so called Gate Control Theory. Micro electric motor with batteries will be fixed to the conventional syringe causing vibrations of the needle with preliminary set frequency. High frequency needle vibrations stimulate the nerves ends and block the passing of acute pulses to the brain. Thus the patient does not feel the needle prick and would sustain the anesthesia without any problems. Method is extremely advantageous for work with children and patients with increased anxiety and dental phobia.
Efficiency of the application of vibrating accessory and the impact of the patients' levels of pain sensitiveness is thoroughly investigated by P. MURRAY, K. TERRETT, E. LYNCH, and D.L. HUSSEY, Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom. Clinical investigations made by the Queen's University of Belfast - North Ireland are made with two groups of patients to whom the anesthesia is made as a part of their dental treatment. To the one group an injection anesthesia under the conventional method was made and VibraJect was applied to the other one. No surface anesthetic was used for both groups. Patients determine the suffered pain within the range from 1 to 10. Average digital pain range of the conventional group is 4,6 (+/- 0,414). VibraJect group determines the pain as 1,71(+/- 0,235). Infiltrations in the field of the upper front and conduction anesthesia below in the right side reduce the pain more distinctly when applying VibraJect.
Conclusion is that the application of the device with intraoral anesthesia reduces considerably the suffered pain levels. The complex contains a motor cartridge, 3 clip brackets, 6 batteries and has an European certificate as well.

VibraJect does not require any special equipment. Use of surface anesthetic is not needed. Dentist puts the clips together with the fixed motor cartridge to the syringe and starts it activates it by slight rotation of the upper movable part colored in black. Standard anesthesia types such as conductive and infiltration as well as the intraligamentary one are used. After being used the clips are removed by the clip bracket, the motor is withdrawn and its surface is cleaned with alcohol or other surface disinfectant. It could be fixed to any of the other two clips that are in the set designed for the next patient.

Why using VibraJect?
Many patients are very uncomfortable with the injection and this is the highest fear for the patients. As per the statistics 55% of the emergency conditions in the dentistry occur after or during the anesthesia. VibraJect is effective in all types of injection anesthesia including intraligamentary, palatal and blocking. VibraJect  is easy and comfortable way to simplify the anesthesia and to reduce the uncomfortable feelings of the patient.
There is a group of patients sustaining the pain better than the others. These ones having higher pain-tolerance level could not feel any considerable difference when using VibraJet. VibraJect is for those, who feel and suffer the pain due to their low level of tolerance. As far as the individual pain-tolerance level could not be determined it is recommendable the device to be used for all patients, because it has no contraindications at all.

Similar products
There are only 2 such products - Wand and Comfort Control Syringe. Both are related to very sensitive equipment and require a lot of time for execution of the anesthesia. On the other hand, they are more expensive and require purchasing of special cartridge and undertaking of some safety precautions for the dentists, because these devices operate with electricity from the grid.

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