Dental caries is one of the most frequent human diseases affecting above 95% of the people. Caries develops in the mineralized dental structures firstly destructing the dental surface. It destroys gradually the teeth, impedes chewing and also destroys the aesthetic face vision. Its complications cause a number of general diseases.
Dental caries is developed under the dental plaque. Multi-factor features of the disease process make the clarification of its origin quite difficult.
It is supposed that there are two pathogenic factors:
1. Acid-demineralizing /acid dissolution of the dental email surface/.
2. Decay of the protein content of the underlaying dental structure.
Caries of the permanent teeth are localized in the email, dentine and cement. It could be either acute or chronic. Depending on its depth it could be surface, average, deep or very deep one. In case of surface caries there is no initial pain. Pain occurs later and is provoked by chemical and physical irritations /cold/. In case of medium caries the destruction goes beyond the email-dentin border. It forms caries cavity and necrotic one coated with food debris. Pain becomes acute. In case of deep caries the pulp is separated by thin layer of dentin.
Local treatment of dental caries is based on the following three principles:
1. Removal of the caries mass and pre-treatment of "cavity".
2. Medicament local impact.
3. Restoration of anatomic form of the tooth by different materials of biological sustainability. Temporary medical dressings are used to influence the bacterial flora for 24-48 hours as well as treating insulation pads of phosphate-cement, calcium hydroxide are applied. Filling materials that are used are silver amalgam, composite materials /mixture of biological polymers of mineral content/ or silver and gold alloys. General treatment aims to improve the resistance of the organism mostly in the cases of diseases causing disturbance of the mineral exchange.

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