Allergy focus is a disease condition caused or supported by so called focuses.
Focus means each local morphological change able to cause some disease processes in remote organs and systems.
Depending on the way of progress of the allergic dental conditions they are split as weak, medium acute and extremely acute. They could be determined based on signs of different rate and weigh:

  • weaker /itch, edema of the lips, of the lids, transient skin rash/
  • serious/general excitation, fast breathing, cardiovascular disturbance/
  • serious/giant urticaria, Quincke's disease, skin and mucosa aphtae/ 
  • extremely acute/cardiovascular; breathing, digestive, neuro-psycological/
  • allergic lethal shock.


Focus allergy of dental origin provokes easy fatigue, insomina, headache, slight increase of the body temperature.
Treatment includes removal of the active focuses either by therapeutic or surgery manner as well as the orthopaedic restoration of the functional suitability of the parodontium as well as the normal reactivity of the body. It is needed any allergic complications to be avoided in order to prevent chronic and system injuries.

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