Gangrene of the dental pulp is an infected necrosis occurring as a result of all non-treated diseases of the pulp. There are two types of gangrene - dry and wet. Gangrene could affect the dental pulp with open or closed pulp camera. When the infection and necrotic decay covers only the dental pulp there is non-complicated gangrene occurred and when some disease changes occur in the periodontal tissues then we are talking about complicated gangrene.
Open pulp gangrene has unpleasant smell upon sucking, changed colour and destroyed tooth function upon chewing. Tooth became dark and there is a big caries cavity. In case of drilling the pulp chamber is open. Tooth does not hurt when touching it with anything cold, warm and sweet. Heavy gangrene smell is suffered.
In case of closed pulp gangrene the tooth looks healthy, but its colour is changed and sometimes hurts when touching it with something warm.
Treatment of the pulp gangrene aims to eliminate the infection necrotic changes. It is continuous and is made by a professional dentist. In case of early and effective treatment the complete success could be achieved.

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