Orthodontics - straightening of the bite in any age. All problems related to the bite could be split to:

  • Improper development of the jaws (common underdevelopment);
  • Improper position of the teeth;
  • Combination of both (as a rule).
  • In spite destroying the aesthetics appearance (ugly crocked teeth) - the improper position of the teeth also causes:
  • Worsening of the hygiene - risk of caries;
  • Improper loading of the teeth and temporomandibular joint.


Size and form of the jaws are corrected with retainers and plates (apparatus) and are applied, as a rule, until 12-year age. Plates have some movable elements stimulating the growth of the jaw towards the preliminary calculated direction. Position of the teeth is determined by brackets (bracket-system) - to each tooth a small cut square is fixed, then a group of teeth are joint with ligature (made of wire), which is put into these cuts. As in the case with plates the pulling up direction is calculated and controlled by an orthodontist. Most important for the professional dentist is not the brackets’ fixing, but the calculation of the entire treatment, as foreseeing the process of straightening of the teeth, which takes from 3 to 18 months and the adequate result as well as.

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