Dental pulp changes its structure and function due to some internal and external harmful impacts. More frequently the pulp suffers of atrophy, degeneration, necrobiosis or necrosis. Above problems are caused by bacteria toxic, chemical-toxic, chemical-toxic, thermal and traumatic ones. Necrosis of the pulp is and irreversible condition. In case of additional infection the dead pulp is converted into gangrene.
Depending on its occurrence and development there are several forms of the pulp: acute severe partial pulpit, acute severe integral pulpit, acute suppurative partial pulpit.
Usually, the periodontitis passes as restricted local disease destructing the periodontal coating even sometimes the one of the neighbor alveolar bone, which destroys the tooth function.
Acute apical periodontitis is a complication of the diseases of hard tissues and tooth pulp /caries, pulpitis, gangrene/. Microorganisms and their by-products occur in the periodontal tissue through the root canals. Type of the inflammatory process depends on the activity of the microorganisms and resistance of the organism. Acute periodontitis is developed in case of massive infection and reduced resistance of the organism.
Frequency of the complications after the treatment under methods for killing of the pulp is still too high - 30-40% Nevertheless, the tools used by these methods/equipment, instruments, medicament's etc./ are continuously improved. Objective is to avoid occurrence of caries and pulpit. In each concrete case suitable treatment method is applied such as: removal of the dental pulp, root filling pastes and their compacting into the root channel, pads and filling.
Treatment of the pulpit is estimated as successful one when the structure, function and aesthetic appearance of the tooth are restored.

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