Modern dentistry has to satisfy not only the desire of the patients to have healthy teeth, but also their increased aesthetic needs. Always there will be some people wanting to change not only the color, but also the shape of their teeth. There are not so many patients thinking about the fact that the smile beauty depends not only on the "white" (tooth), but also on the "pink" (gums). The harmony between these two anatomic subjects could make you attractive. We are not going deeply to discuss that the dimensions and proportions of the teeth depend on the "gold section" rule.
Cosmetic dentistry includes:

  • Whitening;
  • Change of the teeth position by replacing them;
  • Change of the position and shape of the teeth without any movement - direct and indirect remedy, therapeutic and laboratory veneers, ceramic crowns;
  • Simply, the front teeth could be coated with facets thus achieving the desired perfect shape and color.

Correction of the gum line and the smile. Probably, you have met some people, which smile shows a lot of "pink", i.e. the gums. Somebody could not like it - in many cases the gum line could be corrected. Sometimes the patients complain that their teeth are too small. In such cases the missing millimeter could be "stolen" from the gum. Very often the achievement of the desired aesthetic result requires well-coordinated work of several experts - therapist, periodontist, orthodontist, orthopedist.
It would be good to remind once again that it is very demanding to elaborate a clear treatment plan with all additional templates and models, because the matter is related to accuracy of one tenth of the milliliter.

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