Cosmetic profiling is the ideal treatment for small fractures and brake, because it does not require any anaesthesia and the amount of the affected dental surface is minimal - just to "smooth" the sharp ends. After completion of the treatment no more replacements or additional smoothing are needed. Besides, the time and price are minimal too.
However, in some cases, the cosmetic profiling could be the best treatment alternative. For example, the profiling could affect the smile line, if a tooth, from which a piece is broken, will be shortened and the neigbour ones are reduced, in order to be adjusted towards the others. Considering that the natural aging process makes the smile line to look flatter as a result of this the patient could look older look. In such cases the bonding is mostly preferred. Don’t add any additional ages to your smile!
Broken front tooth 
This 23-year old woman has broken her tooth by metal piece. She does not like the idea to lose more email or to be forced to maintain it permanently that would be needed, if the bonding remedy would be applied.


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