Recently, the incrustations on the front teeth become very popular. They have different shape and size and are made of gold or other alloy on which different precious and non-precious stones and incrustations are placed. They reflect the light and sparkle on the tooth surface like different rays that impress and attract the attention of the audience.

These sparkling incrustations are state of the art adhere dentist techniques allowing their longest possible stay in the mouth not damaging the email surface. Before placing them the perfect mouth hygiene has to be maintained. Incrustation is a matter of dentist estimation. Any caries on the front teeth will make a contrast, so it would be necessary to pre-treat them with photo polymer fills of the same colour as the teeth aiming to keep the aesthetic vision. Healthy teeth are a good precondition, but meanwhile the hygiene level could be estimated only by the dentist.

There are some of the FAQ in view of the placement of incrustations on the teeth:

How do they actually look like?
Diamonds and incrustation on a tooth are usually conic in order to spark on the surface. Diamond could be placed on gold or other alloy of flat surface from one side in order to be adhered unilaterally on the tooth. Sparkling crystals are made of diamond, glass or other materials for various shape and colours.

How long they could stay on the tooth?
When placing them on a natural tooth in compliance with the rules for adherence and, if made of suitable materials, they could remain until the moment when the patient would desire to remove them. Incrustations could not be placed on porcelain crowns.

How they could be removed, moved or replaced with other ones?
Removal and replacement is easy work for professional dentists. There will not be any change of the teeth surface after the removal.

Is it harmful for the teeth? 
Not at all! They are just adhered to the dental email. Procedure is reversible and could be compared with the removal of brackets or teeth straightening.

What about the teeth washing when having incrustations?
Teeth washing is not harmful for the incrustation on your teeth and it would even stimulate you to wash your teeth more frequently, if you want they to spark brightly and your smile to attract the attention of the others.

Do they cause any specific feeling on the tooth?
Incrustations are only of 0,5 mm. During the first few days it is possible to feel some slight foreign body on the tooth, but it will quickly disappear.
What would the parents think about these incrustations?
You could show them these answers and you'll see what will be their opinion then.

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