In spite that the fastest way for closing of interdental areas is to bind them, their lamination either with a laboratory made composite resin or with porcelain is also an option.
Nevertheless the laminating procedure requires visiting the dentist at least twice and in principle it is more expensive than the bounding, its biggest advantage is that this method provides high proportional accuracy. This technique is very efficient, because the gaps between the teeth are not equal. Four laminate coatings eliminate the dark spots between the teeth of the patient, which could be visible when he/she smiles.
Treatment improves the entire vision of the face of this model. This model of 21-old man was photographed perfectly when he does not smile, but he wanted to improve his smile in order to have better chances to be promoted on the market
This is a ceramic veneer made in laboratory used in the cosmetic dentistry for changing of the color, form and position of the teeth in the front part.


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