If you have lost one or several teeth, you should not put a new denture or to wear your old one anymore, because you could have implants placed in our specialized implantology suite.
Dental implants – these are small "artificial roots", replacing the lost ones. Implant knit with the grown bone and will become a solid support of your new teeth. It is known that as a result of the loss of the teeth the bone is not loaded sufficiently thus causing its atrophy. With the ages some wrinkles occur around the mouth and the face profile is changed. Implants will press the bone during chewing, will be able to support your lips and cheeks and will help you to look appropriately as keeping your face appearance as well.

Do you know that the placement of the dental implant instead of denture would be at least ten times more favorable for you!
There is no need to file down the adjacent teeth.
Implant could be placed instead of the thrown teeth even at the same day.

  • No more dentures will be needed for you. As opposed to the movable denture the implant will not drop down unexpectedly from your mouth.
  • Implants will not change the taste of the food like dentures.
  • Hygiene would be improved, because there will not be any food remains on the crowns.
  • Aesthetics is improved, because the implant looks like a natural tooth.
  • You will save time - the placement of the implants is faster than the one of the dentures.
  • You' will save money - in many cases the placement of the implant is cheaper than to put crowns on the neighbour teeth. You'll save money for several years - as per the 10-year statistics 92% of implants remain stable towards 40% of the bridges that have to be replaced requiring additional dental sawing to be made.

Currently there are above 300 types of dental implants and 90% of them are cheap copies of analogue products developed by worldwide leaders of dental prosthesis.
In our clinics we use implants made by leading companies, including TBR(France), IMTEC( USA) and Mirage (Nova research S.r.l). They have specific coating on the implant surface, containing hydroxilapatite, i.e. material, of which the natural bone tissue is made that improves considerably the implant ability to knit the bone.
How the treatment is made?
Firstly, you'll be examined by our dentist, because before placement of the implant the existing inflammations have to be treated. Also, the caries should be treated and the tartar has to be removed by professional dentist hygiene procedure. In case of some general disease the agreement of your doctor is required. After general examination you will be informed about the procedure in details and the date of operation will be scheduled. Under local anaesthesia the place of the jaw, where the implant has to be placed, will be opened. After placing the implant the gum will be sutured.


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