Stomatitis is an inflammatory dystrophic disease of the mouth mucous. When it affects only separate sections it is respectively called gingivitis /inflammation of gums/, glossitis /inflammation of the tongue/. When the mucous and skin are affected we are talking about dermastomatitis.
People from all ages suffer from stomatitis. There are different causes for that. Locally acting factors /infection, trauma, physical and chemical impact etc./ cause primary or independent stomatitis, while the second /symptomatic/ stomatitis accompany some general and hereditary diseases.. Causes for the stomatitis are complicated and their diagnostics is quite difficult. Important cause of stomatitis is the infection that could be either the direct cause or is accumulated secondary. This is valid both for the virus and bacterial as well as for the fungal infection. Changes of the mouth mucous as caused by different pathological factors are quite similar.

In order to diagnose the disease correctly it is very important to distinguish the separate primary and secondary rash units: spot, buds, knots, bladders, ulcers etc. Typical for the stomatitis are the classical inflammation signs: swelling. erythema, warming, pain and destroyed function (difficult chewing, speaking difficulties, loss of taste/. Inflammation process could be acute and chronic with ulcer, necrosis and other impairments, swelling of the lips, cheeks and tongue.
Primary stomatitis stage includes the traumatic stomatitis caused by physical, chemical, infection factors, including herpes simplex, shingles, aphthous stomatitis.

Treatment of different forms of the stomatitis could be local and general. It is made by the dentists aiming mostly to eliminate the local causes, to improve the immune system, and to have a medicamental impact. Very important for the preventive treatment of the stomatitis are the mouth hygiene, removal of professional hazards, chronic local irritators /sharp edges of teeth and dental roots, poor denture structures, polymetallism/ thus preventing pre-cancer conditions such as leucoplakia, chronic ulcers etc. It is needed any allergic reaction to be prevented, antibiotics to be applied carefully as well as systemic health knowledge and information to be provided.

Aphthous stomatitis
This kind of stomatitis is caused by herpes virus or by a group of similar viruses close and it is considered as infection disease. Disease lasts 5-10 days and could pass over without any treatment thus acquiring non-permanent immunity. Typical for the disease are headache, muscle ache, high body temperature, and pain in the mouth during chewing, swelling, speaking, disturbed eating.
Aphthae occur suddenly like whitish deposits on the internal side of the lips, cheeks, tongue, palate and gums. They are of lentil-grain size occurred on strongly red and edema mucosa and are of round shape. Often they are spread on the parynx, throat and genitals. Regional chyles are increased and painful.

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