Preventive care in USA and oral hygiene of the entire population have above 30-year experience so we are well aware how does the "Hollywood smile" look like.

Do you already have your personal dentist?
When for the last time your teeth were professionally cleaned?

Professional dental cleaning – SCALING
it should be made at least once per 6 months;
this is the only efficient method for preventive care of the periodontitis and other gum diseases;
absolutely comfortable procedure providing fast visual effect;
all people over 20 years old need this procedure.
Did you decide to take care about your teeth?

SCALING is the first stage of the treatment plan of any clinic complying with the current standards. It is not possible a quality filling to be made, if the gums are inflamed.

SCALING  nature – accurate and thorough cleaning of all dental surfaces removing plaque and tartar both from the above and under the gum line.

SCALING is made only by experts in the clinics using:

  • ultrasonic hand-piece;
  • hand tools of Hu Friedy USA Company – it is also possible to reach the needed results even when a professional dentist works only with hand tools;
  • polishing with special fluorine containing toothpastes;
  • Air Flor device – using spray of water and soda for removal of plaque of tobacco, coffee and tea.
  • Feeling of cleanliness and appearance as a result of the SCALING is so impressive and that is why many clinics call this type of cleaning whitening.


About us

Dental Clinic "St. Appolonia" offers a high quality service and comfort for better experience!


In the clinic we offer full range of dental services that include - diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases.


In our clinic some of the specialists have more than 30 years experience in dentistry. For your treatment are available:

- Dr. Ventsislav Stoev

- Dr. Bogomil Stoev

- Dr. Ira Boncheva


16 Bacho Kiro str. fl.1
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

+359 (2) 470 16 16


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