Bridges are dentures restoring the integrity of the dental line in case of loss of 3 or 4 teeth in succession using for this purpose a support placed on the next remained teeth or implants.
Orthopedic treatment of the defects of dental rows with bridge dentures. Defects of the dental rows are caused by caries and its complications, diseases of dental support tissues, congenital defects and some general diseases as well.
Orthopedic treatment of the defects of the dental rows is made mainly with immovable bridge structures and movable dentures.
Selection of the bridge structure /denture/ depends on the number of missing teeth, size and location of the defect of the dental arcs as well as on the condition of the bridge-carrying teeth.

Manufacturing of bridge denture structure and its installation is a complicated orthopaedic treatment process requiring the availability of good dentist-technical facility and high-qualified dentist.

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