Crown – this is a laboratory made restoration of a tooth or implant fully covering or restoring its entire surface. Crown always has a solid base - metal-cast base that in view of the aesthetic appearance will be faced with ceramic. Metal ceramic uses a special metal alloy that could be made of noble metals (gold, platinum, palladium), and for non-metal (completely ceramic) crowns these are zirconium or metal oxides, which resistance could be compared with metal alloys. However, they are white or even semi-transparent, which improves a lot the aesthetic appearance and the restored teeth looks like life transparent teeth.



About us

Dental Clinic "St. Appolonia" offers a high quality service and comfort for better experience!


In the clinic we offer full range of dental services that include - diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases.


In our clinic some of the specialists have more than 30 years experience in dentistry. For your treatment are available:

- Dr. Ventsislav Stoev

- Dr. Bogomil Stoev

- Dr. Ira Boncheva


16 Bacho Kiro str. fl.1
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

+359 (2) 470 16 16


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