Orthopaedic treatment with removable dentures
Removable dentures are universal remedy for treatment of defects from the dental rows. Indications of such dentures occur mostly when the gap between the available teeth is higher, dental support is in poor condition and the bridge dentures are not suitable.
There are contraindications for mental patients, in case of mucous diseases, when the restriction of the tongue movements by the denture plaque would have very unfavorable impact on speech function.

For treatment of dental rows the following partial dentures will be used:
1. Partial denture with frame casted on the velum;
2. Partial denture with reduced base, armored with bounding metal bar

Also, there are dentures with special tools for holding, stabilizing and transmission of masticatory movements: partial denture with beams, denture with metal joints, model-casted partial denture etc.
There are several stages of manufacturing of one partial denture - preliminary, preparatory, test, dental- manufacturing, installation, control.
Improvement of the used materials and dental dentures increases the quality of material and functional qualities of the manufactured dentures. In order to be used permanently the patients have to be well instructed by the dentist-orthopaedist.

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